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HH-2 technology essential for treatment of slurry, Warwick University.

As we have already discussed in our article for the Soil Association’s magazine   ORGANIC FARMING in 2001 there is already a perfectly good solution for the manure problem regarding TB in cattle. Our  HH-2 technology solution was approved by Dr. Calire Turner of Silsoe in 2001.

I recently presented this solution to the same University – Warwick –  late summer 2017, where Prof Liz Wellington ( in a different department) is now discussing the same problem again saying we still have to do the work on safe slurry management..starts at 9.20 minutes..


BBC Farming Today 8th November 2017

Also at 6.10 minutes discussion about climate change facilitating more and more pests and diseases. Again the answer is about soil conditions not that you just blame climate change. If the problems were solved in Africa then they are solvable in the UK too (Howard).