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Dame Judy Dench on trees – Mycorrhiza Fungi

BBC Today programme

on the programme today of 12th December Dame Judy Dench is very keen on trees. The programme mentioned mycorrhiza fungi and that several universities have now done work on this networking fungus.

It was Dr. Claire Rayner, in 1931, who pioneered this work as presented in the title Farming and Gardening for Health or Disease. This is where we have taken this information from wand worked with it over the last 20 years.

Also on Farming Today, presented this morning by Anna Hill interviewing Katherine Lambourne of Horticultural Research International at Wellsbourne. The talk was of diseases in brassicas; Leaf spot and Ringspot. Both these conditions are cured and prevented with one yearly treatment, using namely HH-4. 86% of all plants on earth are Mycorrhiza formers – cabbages are not one of them.

cabbage with no chemicals pests or disease