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Request the items you would like to purchase and we’ll tell you the price including shipping to your location. Please state your address and post code/zip code.  When you receive this info you can purchase below.


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how to buy HH-2 (pair)

write to us at  stating where you live and the post code you want the goods delivered to. We will then respond with the appropriate package price  click here   to pay

All prices are in Pounds Sterling (GBP)                                                            Our PayPal payment system will transfer your currency for you   (you don’t have to have a PayPal account to make a purchase)
complies with all Environmental health and Environment Agency regulations for disposal of pet waste waste, farm and stable waste, household waste, cooked food waste, and the system can even take and digest the bioliners from our HH-3 DRY toilet system.

The HH-2 system is sold in pairs. the system generates the right fungi and bacteria, maintains correct moisture balance which ensures optimum heat curve. This twin Hot Box system will digest all the above wastes in the first 14 day period.  These specially insulated Hot Boxes are designed with no moving parts or electrical hook up and produce the remarkable end product HH-4 in 90 days. Units are guaranteed for 25 years.

They are rat proof and fly proof and generate an optimum fertiliser in 90 days. (HH-4) This material has to be applied to the ground according to instructions in order to produce pest and disease free crops. Yields can be increased from 100%-300% from conventional growing systems.


This smart black toilet unit includes a built in child seat and all internal workings – The most productive compost toilet available anywhere!

 HH-3 £150.00 + shipping

works using the biodegradeable bioliners HH-6



includes this child seat lid too

HH-4 Organic Fertiliser/soil conditioner

For use as top dressing on all plant beds and for top dressing pot plants that need it. Made from recycled food waste. 100% organic product.

This material is consistent around 10:1 carbon to nitrogen and so is an optimum fertiliser as well as an optimum soil conditioner; a tree medicine and a plant medicine – solves all manner of plant diseases and provides the correct nutrients for shrubs like Buxus that are prone to suffer, as are other potted plants, from insufficient nutrients over a period of time.. Click here for full range



They have won 7 gold medal awards at the Chelsea Flower Show                                                                                                                  “We have been using HH-4 for two years on herbacious borders on large private estates and where plants have suffered pest infestations and from lack of moisture, with incredible results”  Wendy Baxter, Brambles Garden Design, Broxbourse, Herts.,

HH-5 Bio degradeable bioliners  30 litres         25 liners  per roll. 1 roll £8.93 + postage


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HH-6  Seed compost blended for great seed germination and for potting on plants of all types. 100% organic product.

prices include shipping in the UK. click here for full range




HH-7  Vermicompost.  Enrich your garden, allotment or farm with this bagged vermicompost. 100% organic product.

Will transfer worms and worm eggs into your growing area. They will continue to breed if you simply feed subsequently with lawn mowings or any suitable mulch. This material contains nematodes that inhibit slug reproduction – Nature’s way.                                          prices include shipping in the UK.  click here for full range 



HH-8 Biochar Burner      £900 + shipping 


this is a two barrel burner with double skinned flue pipe

acts as a workshop space heater as well as making biochar. Stays hot for 17 hours per burn





 HH-13 Long stem thermometer

Screenshot 2016-09-04 at 20.23.323 feet long, in Centigrade  £141 + shipping





HH-14   Long stem thermometer

Screenshot 2016-09-04 at 20.23.32   3 foot long, in Fahrenheit  £141 + shipping




HH-16  Volcanic Rock Dust  £9.99 for 20 Kg when packed

HH-17 HH Tools

We now have stock of the GGI Wheel hoe and various attachments. Email us at and we can quote you with the shipping to your location.  


You may have soil that is unsuitable for using the GGI wheel hoe as it may be too heavy etc.,  With our HH-2 units you will be able to quickly condition your soil to be effective with the GGI Wheel hoe. This is because with this system there is no need to dig over the soil it is the surface tilth that can be easily created for ease of use with the Wheel hoe and attachments.

We import these items  and ship directly to you so you can save at least £100.00 on  import duty and overseas shipping.

please write to   for further information on the different packages available


More video footage of uses of the HH Wheel Cultivator shown here   Please write to us for prices

don’t forget if you order from us you save the import duty and the overseas shipping

HH-18  Volcanic Rock DustWith 72 listed minerals and trace elements £9.99 per 20Kg bag + shipping + delivery. If you buy online.       1 tonne bags and 29 ton loads also available. Contains 72 listed minerals and trace elements.

HH-19 Biolan DRY toilet

Works in conjunction with the HH-2 Hot Box Composters to produce pathogen free fertiliser in 90 days. price £850 + VAT. First tell us where you live for shipping cost then  purchase here