Sustainable Agriculture London
Health, Nutrition and Preventative Medicine through Permanent Agriculture

Sustainable Agriculture London

Bill Gates
Satish Kumar







June 13 140

Satish Kumar, the Schumacher College

press enclosure

June 13 118

G8 rallyHead Nutrition head of nutrition – Save the Children

The London G8 rally, Hyde Park

Sustainable Agriculture two minute film on pest and disease resistance made for the Soil Association.

NEW FILM ADDED 8th Feb, 2019

Films on the application of Howard’s work as a total waste recycling system

Films on the detrimental effects of chemical, GM and other un-environmental technologies:



Howard-Higgins Presentation for NGO’s in Africa


How to compost human waste in a separate system for Africa





Haiti Film 2

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Haiti Film 3

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Farm Layout

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Let’s Talk About Soil

Let’s Talk About Soil – English from IASS Vimeo Channel on Vimeo.



Soils: A Hidden Recource



Save Our Soils