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Health, Nutrition and Preventative Medicine through Permanent Agriculture

Sustainable Agriculture London

We can solve pest and disease problems with our HH-2 Horticultural System             without the use of chemicals, supplementary organic treatments or GM technology.

We are asking for a donation of a farm so that we can make a step up from our one acre demonstration farm in South Hertfordshire, so we can teach these age old revolutionary methods on a larger scale for the benefit of farming and gardening worldwide.

This or part thereof would be ideally located for us:


One big feature of Sustainable Agriculture or organic farming is that it should know how to grow pest and disease free crops. Good Gardeners International is a charitable organisation (originally founded in 1962) and is now our mother organisation and can receive donations under DONATIONS to fund this very cause. We are getting enquiries from all over the world regarding the content of these two web sites and the importance of the science mentioned herein is of paramount importance today.

We currently have over 40,000 hits between this web site and Good Gardeners International web site. This shows there is a big move to saving the planet with Sustainable Agriculture (which is naturally organic). This will  help us teach these principles and to train NGO staff and prospective sustainable agricultural practitioners all over the world. Sustainable Agriculture means you can deal with all your own organic waste and turn it into fertiliser. IE., from towns, Villages and Schools etc., and thus solve all your waste management and agricultural problems locally.  This aspect of sustainable agriculture is much overlooked and is thus the cause of major pollution problems in different parts of the world. Chemical farming simply isn’t sustainable because it relies on the fossil fuel industry.


WHAT WE DO – Prevent Pests and Disease

We have international solutions for most of the common problems concerning pests and diseases in modern day agriculture/horticulture. Our latest discovery is that we have cured black spot in Roses with our HH-4 product. You only need to spread this product 1 inch (25mm) thick around the root zone of rose plants in the autumn, and then a second dressing before flowering. The new growth will be disease free and the black spot will disappear.

The HH-2 system

The HH-2 system of growing is easier and a lot simpler than ‘Biodynamic’, ‘Bio Intensive farming’, and the double digging method. It is more scientific than esoteric. The HH-2 horticultural/agricultural system shows how less machinery is needed and thus less fuel. Not only this, but our research shows over a 22 year period that increased profits can also be easily achieved. This is not a new science but rather is the result of the work of the great Sir Albert Howard MA., CIE., etc., combined with the other sciences that have been brought in by Richard Higgins – the author, inventor and founder of this web site.

A comparative study by Rodale Institute is made between conventional systems and organic systems. But we can increase on these standard organic systems with the Howard-Higgins system which starts at the most basic level of agriculture/horticulture which is the micro organic level. We proliferate these organisms, namely fungi and bacteria, and introduce them into any soil type with the HH-2 system. Thus the soil will become instantly more fertile and will be able to support much higher densities of cropping. The economy is that you do not need to apply HH-4 every year once you have achieved the minimum standard of fertility.


We teach zero till and low till systems for horticulture and agriculture. The Good Gardeners have been practising no dig gardening for 50 years. This makes farming and gardening a whole lot easier. Together with two other sciences we now have a complete package to take sustainable farming and gardening into the 21st Century


Indeed our surveys in Africa reveal that with this technology we can take children off the fields and put them back in school as far less work is required to grow increased harvests. 

While expedience can be met by scaling up and mechanising, while fossil fuels are still affordable, the same basic principle of the full law of return has to be met for small holdings and large farms alike.

Sustainable systems should rely more on closed loop systems as far as possible and this means producing all necessary inputs from your own holding or farm. This is sustainable Agriculture and if we address this principle the need for mining of phosphorus and potassium and the manufacture of synthetic nitrogen can be reduced, even to zero. On a large scale it involves the age old system of mixed farming. On a small scale it does not.

By treating all manner of organic wastes locally which would otherwise be transported at huge cost to different waste facilities, such as Bio Digestors,  dumped into landfill, or incinerated  producing PCB’s or processed into an inferior soil conditioner and transported, again at great cost, back to agriculture, we teach and demonstrate how to turn these wastes into optimum fertiliser and soil conditioner in 90 days on site, so any farmer can produce his own fertiliser to grow his own animal feed and any gardener can produce all his crop nutrient requirements himself.  Not only this but with the Howard-Higgins System you can replenish all the missing micro and macro elements your soil is lacking.

The optimum fertiliser/soil conditioner, we have developed, known as HH-4 is complete in its quick and slow release properties. It is a plant medicine, a tree medicine and second to none. Anyone who purchases the HH-2 system will be able to produce this reliable and consistent end product HH-4.  John Innis Labs inspected HH-4 and stated that we have manufactured fertile top soil. Something that takes Nature between 500 – 1,000 years to produce. 

We are consultants for the regeneration of exhausted agricultural land and marginal land. Both these types of land can be brought into full production within one season with the HH-2 technology. Please see our sister web site for the package deals.  Once you tell us where you are situated we can quote you for an appropriate package.


Thus we are able to grow high quality food everywhere. This can be done often much nearer the place where it is consumed, saving vast amounts of fuel in transport and thus save maximum amounts of carbon. This is known as BLACK CARBON FARMING and starts the formation of a soil based economy
Richard Higgins covered in his presentation to an audience at Trinity College Oxford, in a series on GREEN ECONOMICS that You cannot keep taking out 100% yields from your fields and put back only chemicals or a tiny amount of raw manure or un-suitable recycled green waste. This is the route to failure as is being demonstrated by the agricultural system of the West. Western Agriculture has announced that we only have 100 harvests left – but they said this 5 years ago…..apparently Northern Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire have announced that they only have 10 harvests left. (2016). The rape seed crop is doomed, but not by lack of pollination from bees, but from the degradation of the soil.  ‘If a crop cannot come to flower and seed, it is due to the lack of fertility in the soil’ (Howard).



By operating the HH-2 system correctly we can solve most of the problems in agriculture today.

By solving the problems of Pests and Diseases in the Farming World we can completely avoid the use and production of all types of chemicals, herbicides, pesticides and fungicides. All these and the CO2 emitting methods of producing them become completely unnecessary.


Not Like other composting systems

For small scale operators our HH-2 superfast Composter units are ideal – with No moving parts – and No electrical hook up. They are self convecting and self condensing and proliferate the right type of fungi for the manufacture of a consistent and reliable fertiliser/soil conditioner in one. It is the design of HH-2 and the management process that is so effective. Write to us with your requirements and we will quote the right package for you.


The HH-2 facilitates the right fungi and bacteria

WE CULTURE SPECIFIC FUNGI AND BACTERIA TO PROLIFERATE OVER A SPECIFIC TIME FRAME -This renders all manner of wastes into perfect worm food with a carbon to nitrogen ratio of 10:1 and in conjunction with biochar you can easily make this optimum fertiliser/soil conditioner known as HH-4.   This was the work of Albert Howard, the great agricultural pioneer who observed that the fertile forest floor was at the outset in the region of 10:1 carbon to nitrogen. Thus this was the basis of his research into producing a similar natural fertiliser and soil conditioner.


SH Oct 10 006

This material HH-4 prevents pests and disease in all types of growing systems

Solve pests, disease with the HH-2 Horticultural System


The results are that all types of pests and disease will be reduced to an absolute minimum, meaning no slugs, snails or caterpillars, no aphids etc., This has proven to be of great interest to the RHS.

A) Agriculture/Horticulture

With over 20 years of research,  we are able:

TO CONDITION ANY SOIL TYPE – WITHOUT ANY KIND OF SOIL ANALYSIS    to produce healthy and abundant crops in one season. This is a remarkable breakthrough in Agricultural technology.                                                                                                                         TESTED IN THE UK, INDIA AND AFRICA. 

 “FRESH HUMUS”  (HH-4) HOLDS 20 TIMES ITS OWN WEIGHT IN WATER. (Oxford Real Farming Conference) Thus it is what is needed in modern day agriculture.

RESULT: NO SLUGS, NO SNAILS, NO CATERPILLARS, NO APHIDS  etc., and much more drought resistant crops. This is a remarkable achievement for agriculture and horticulture. Who else has achieved this?          

PV smiling face

the happiness of free fertiliser

even airborne blight phytophthora infestans, which is an airborne blight, is done away with.

We are suppliers of the HH wheel hoe. By operating this simple tool weeding becomes a hundred times faster than by hand hoeing.

please go to our products page 

B) Health

Your soil will become continually micro-organically active and crops grown in this soil will contain fully synthesised protein rendering the crops unattractive to pests and disease. 

field scale raised beds for drainage with an annual application of compost/fertilizer

raised beds with contour drainage and one yearly application of HH-4


3.2 Kg cabbage, 7.5 Lb beetroot on undug ground grown with HH -4

3.2 Kg cabbage, 7.5 Lb beetroot grown with the HH-2 fertility making system. No pests or disease







Crop yields are increased and these attributes of disease resistance are passed on to the consumer forming a stronger immune system for both animal and man.

We exemplify our work for schools, colleges and Universities to expound these principles into farming today. Also for NGO’s and their training staff, such as CRS., OXFAM, UNICEF, SAVE THE CHILDREN and NORGESVEL, etc., who may wish to take this work to the rest of the world.

The land at our Well End Micro-farm has not previously been ploughed for 45 years and and no expense of heavy mechanical subsoil treatment. We have employed deep rooting plants to crack the subsoil pan. Food grown in this way with the Zero Till/Low Till methods is much higher in minerals, vitamins and proteins and is ten times higher in anti-oxidants. And is therefore considered the route to Preventative Medicine (Howard).

This is the original science of Sir Albert Howard. Now reformulated

surface water drainage

with the research of Richard Higgins, the Director, on waste management strategy for farms, gardens, allotments, sustainable communities and Eco Villages etc., and how to incorporate it into farming and gardening today.

Surface water control/drainage is essential for times of heavy rainfall, thus the plants can keep growing, unhindered, in all weather conditions.


Well End Crops

The Director of Rothamsted Research witnesses the 300% increase in crop production at our Well End micro-farm.


For all books please add the following postage  (£’s) for your respective country:

USA  11.40   South America  11.40     Canada   11.40      Australia, New Zealand  12.25     Europe   7.95           Africa, Asia  11.40             China    7.95             Malaysia    11.40

The original science from India is available in this title The Lost Science of Organic Cultivation.

price £25.00 + shipping


Farming and Gardening for Health or Disease, Howard, 1945.  price £10.00   Available here

sorry currently out of print, we hope to be printing soon.

The health benefits of Howard’s work can be studied in the title                                                                                       The Living Soil, Lady Eve Balfour, 1943. Price £10.00  Available here

sorry also out of print.

We are linked with The McCarrison Society:
and soil carbon regeneration

All types of modern sustainable agricultural practises would benefit from the principles that we teach. These are missing in mainstream agriculture today the world over.  They will play a large part in food security and disease prevention in crops and animals in the future.

 If you wish to support our cause please donate to GGI stating what area of our work you would like to support. It is of the utmost importance that this science coming from the work of the great Sir Albert Howard CIE., MA., etc.,  who is now considered the Grandfather of organic farming, becomes available to the general public and the world-wide farming community.

 Our sister web site is Good Gardeners International, reg charity no. 255300, which is raising funds for our projects in Africa and around the world.

Farm Visits 

Planting potatoes with the GGI Wheel Plough – available from us. Email for details                                                    Our soil is heavy London Clay but with our soil conversion kit, HH-2, we can plant potatoes with ease.

Good Gardeners International is affiliated with the Royal Horticultural Society

And you can visit our demonstration farm within the green belt of North London for the minimal price of £14 per head £7 for under 10 year olds, under 5’s go free.  Come and visit our farm and see how we solve the problems of gardening and farming listed on this page.




We run courses at our UK farm, near London and they are available throughout the spring and summer months


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