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Sustainable Agriculture London

Bayer pay out $10 billion for causing cancer

Chemicals in Roundup causes cancer – proved in the US courts

Bayer, who promote and sell Roundup, still don’t accept any wrong doing.

Glyphosate who make Roundup are still saying their product is safe for humans!


U   N   B   E   L   I   E   V   A   B   L   E


More disturbig than this is the fact the Bill Gates supports GM technology and the use of it in Africa and other places

The Crops are called Roundup ready and Glyphosates product Roundup is systematically sprayed on all GM crops

and it kills anthing green in the field exet the crop.

We have to use our own intelligence here to decide which system of agriulture is right GM technology

or the wholly organic technology, where no chemicals are used at all.

Our HH-2 technology has proved over 25 years that no chemicals are required at all in the production of healthy crops.