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Monty Don goes No Dig

Monty Don, the Chairman of the Soil Association goes NO DIG at last!

In this article he has proclaimed that the best thing you can do is to spread a layer of compost over the land twice a year before planting.
Hooray! Well Done Sir! (we are so glad we sent him a sample) This is the No Dig system from the Good Gardeners. We sent him 40 Kg’s of HH-4 and he has tried it out. But somehow he is calling his page DIG FOR VICTORY?

The Good Gardeners research has reduced the effort to Spread HH-4 compost over the ground 1″ deep over the winter period and you need only do it once a year. We call it DON’T DIG FOR VICTORY! and if you do this you won’t get the slugs, snails or caterpillars either, so it really is