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GM Trials Fail

Farmers at the Loncolnshire show still think that GM has a role to play as they say we have to reduce the amounts of herbicide and pesticides in the world crops. Yes, and this is done by practicing real organic farming methods. Not by GM technology – where weeds [pig weed] for example, grow and outrank the herbicides applied.

GM wheat was designed to repell aphids

Hugh Jones of Rothamsted:  The insect pest aphids were supposed to be attracted to the  field margins and not settle on the crop. But he is disappointed in the results. NIAB says that GM will have apart in scinence.

As a researcher, I believe and have proved that by adding HH-4 to the soil aphids will not settle on the crops thus treated.  Bill Clarke of NIAB says there is frustration and that we have to edit genes and if we explain it well enough GM can be grown in the UK.

Rothamsted trials were a waste of time,  costting £732,000 , says Liz Oneil   of GM freeze . I have spoken to her but she is not advising  that with soil ammendment  these pests will be stopped.