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Sustainable Agriculture London

The Fastest Toilets in the West

Richard Higgins has developed and run the worlds fastest compost toilet system in the world now for over 18 years. The system know as HH-2 is scheduled for Africa and India in the autumn and offers the most benefit to farmers and growers anywhere.

Most compost toilets systems are about pretty housings – that of course can be arranged according to your budget, but the safest and fastest operation of disposing of human effluent is effected in the HH-2 Hot Box system. There are no moving parts and the material comes out in 14 days to mature. The end product is a shop saleable product in 90 days.

Due to the speed of processing the effluent we avoid space wastage and the opportunity for flies and vermin to get into it and spread possible disease from the pathogenic material. This is essential according to the designer, Richard Higgins, as all sorts of nasties can be spread about by vermin and flies.


Total Nutrient Recovery is also achieved with the HH-2 system as slower systems lose nitrogen due to long processing times, thus hindering horticultural output. Richard can grow 3 crops a year on the same ground with his horticultural system, thus making it applicable to places where food growing is essential for human survival.