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Sustainable Agriculture London

FWM and Disease Prevention Lecture in Norfolk College

23rd February, 2016

A recent two hour presentation was made to a group of 1st year degree students from all types of farming backgrounds on the efficacy of farming with the HH-2 technology at the Eston and Otley Agricultural college in Norfolk. This science of turning farm wastes into optimum fertiliser is coming directly from the work of Sir Albert Howard CIE., MA., etc.,
The leader of Contemporary Agriculture, Dr. Tony Wilson, commented at the end that if what we had presented works as well as we say then there wouldn’t be a farm that wouldn’t want this.

If you wish to support our cause please donate to our charity the GGI. You can donate to any particular project that we have made surveys on or are currently undertaking. It is of the utmost importance that this science of Sir Albert Howard, who is now considered the Grandfather of organic farming, by all authorities, gets out to the general public and the general farming world.