Sustainable Agriculture London
Health, Nutrition and Preventative Medicine through Permanent Agriculture

Sustainable Agriculture London

CSA Open Day 1st October, 2016

We will be open to the public on Saturday the 1st of October for viewing the Well End Micro-farm CSA Model.

There will be guided tours of the HH-2 composting factory, where we now have a double system in operation.

Refreshments will be served in the post and rail kitchen and lounge area where we have sofas in the woods.

Come and see us growing on Heavy London Clay, where they say don’t grow here, go to Hampshire etc.,

Families and children welcome, lots of nature walks. We specialize in facilitating pollinators and wildlife such as

mustalids etc.,

We show how farming the environmental way increases wildlife and pollinators rather than letting everything just going wild.Fungi and Mycorrhiza