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Sustainable Agriculture London

Clay Oven Building

Come and build a brick pizza oven in the Green Belt of north London



This course starts with dismantelling the old one that collapsed due to being un protected from the rain. We will clean the bricks – having been only cemented with clay and cast the new table top. We used this stove for a number of years being a genuine Mozambique style oven. But it is essential that this and other clay ovens are built under a secure shelter.

We have constructed a new post and rail kitchen which covers the site of this proposed new clay oven, so getting wet will not be a possibility.


Construction of the brick oven. You do  not need to use fire bricks. You do need to build the construction in such a way as to hardly expose any cement to the inside of the oven. Concrete does not react well with intense heat.

course suspended while we look for a new farm