Sustainable Agriculture London
Health, Nutrition and Preventative Medicine through Permanent Agriculture

Sustainable Agriculture London


Below is a list of the courses we offer in the North London Green belt

Introduction to Permaculture and Low Impact Sustainable Living,  cost £50.00 

Rocket Stove building,  (request a course, 2 people minimum),  cost £50.00 each

Vegetable growing with the Moon phases. (request a course),  cost £100.00

fruit tree training, pruning, grafting and budding (request a course, 2 people minimum), cost £50.00 each

CTLA (Compost Toilets the Lost Art) course on how to dispose of human and animal waste FAST 


Click on the course you wish to take and follow the instructions.

We are also now taking bookings from suitable venues overseas. Sell the right number of tickets and we will be there. Please write to us with your request for courses or lecture tour etc.,


Clay Oven Building

Come and build a brick pizza oven in the Green Belt of north London   DAY 1 This course starts with dismantelling the old one that collapsed due to being un protected from the rain. We will clean the bricks…
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Rocket Stove Building with Tin and Clay

This innovative rocket stove was designed on the Well End Micro-farm by Matt Coston and Richard Higgins. It has now been finally tweaked to boil a LITRE of water in 3 minutes. Come and build rocket stoves in the green…
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Fruit Tree Grafting and Budding

Welcome to our Tree Grafting and Budding one day course We have about a dozen fruit trees on our Micro-farm and we have now introduced some into the forest garden area. We have three varieties of apple , a pear…
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